O Samuli A

Renaissance man O Samuli A is Finland’s leading light in the fields of dumbient, chipstep, anystep, O-funk and happy-Nordic-acid. Having scored a mega hit inside the local O-funk microcosm with 2015’s “Ei vittu kytät”, taken from his somewhat privately pressed debut album Field Trip, O Samuli A has now decided to up the ante in the underground electronic scene with his Svartronix debut album Condition Yellow.


O Samuli A has made an electronic racket since the 90s, starting with a beaten Yamaha Portasound PSS-140 keyboard he won at a pawn shop auction. This decisive step began the long journey through four track home recordings, demo releases on self-duplicated CD-rs and international arenas – the artist is known to have performed at least in Tallinn and Helsinki, in addition to the stages and O-funk joints of his native Finland.


Today’s O Samuli A operates out of Merihaka, Helsinki. His current output is typically built of DIY ethics, a lo-fi approach to sound with a hint of wry humour, all smothered with a good dose of thriftshop aesthetics. His lineup features the speech synthesizer MC Micropuhe on vocals, a Nintendo Gameboy and a battery-driven toy gun on sound effects. These elements have strongly contributed to making O Samuli A’s brand of electronic boogie decidedly warmer, more humane and down to earth than many of his contemporaries in the field.

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