Established at Äkäslompolo, Finland in 1983, Vivisektio was active for only three years in the beginning of its existence. One of the world’s northernmost hardcore punk bands that hailed from the fells of Lapland only played two handfuls of shows back in the day, of which the most southern one was at Pietarsaari punk-festival in the summer of 1985. Vivisektio didn’t get any albums done back then, but because of its exotic origins it ended up as one of the questions in the board game Trivial Pursuit.


Vivisektio rised from its ashes at Oulu in 2008 with a new singer and drummer on board. Their mission remains the same; to play early 80’s hardcore with anarcho- and post-punk influences from the same era. Vivisektio released their debut album in 2011 titled 1984 (Roku Records) which was followed by two EP’s and having a song on the legendary Maximum Rocknrolll -magazine’s compilation album Sound the Alarms! in 2014. In the spring of 2022 the band released an album worth on demos that were recorded back in 1985. Since its second coming Vivisektio has also done domestic- and European tours with shows in 12 countries.


Svart Records is proud to release the band’s second album Uusi normaali on a limited-edition black vinyl and on digital platforms on the 16th of September 2022.

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