Pohjonen Alanko

Renowned Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen (KTU, Kluster, and solo work), sound designer Tuomas Norvio (Rinneradio), and vocal artist Ismo Alanko have joined forces for a collective improvisational shamanic electronic ritual. Operating under the moniker Pohjonen Alanko (“Northern Lowland”), the group’s debut recording is a vinyl/digital EP, out on April 20th via Svart Records.


The EP Northern Lowland is a 20-minute journey that, on one hand, takes the listener to the atavistic bottom layers of the subconscious and, on the other, heads for post-modern electronic ecstasy. Pohjonen Alanko have performed onstage around Europe and caused strong reactions with their unusual performance. The band’s strongly visual soundscape is created with free-form melodies, rhythm, and sound. Perennial sounds created by the human body meet modern technology and result in Satanic ritual sounds, brutally beautiful hymns, or barbarously disfigured dance music.


The release of Pohjonen Alanko’s Northern Lowland EP is celebrated with a special post-apocalyptic short film by Klaus Welp.

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