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40 Watt Sun - Wider Than The Sky

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2LP (clear)

Wider than the Sky comprises of six beautiful songs that speak to the very essence of humanity and delves below the surface of relationships and sadness and loss.

The weight of Wider than the Sky is executed in a different way than it would have been in Walker’s previous band, Warning. Where the electric buzz of the guitar or the crunchiness of the bass would have created the atmosphere for the seminal doom band, 40 Watt Sun use words and experience to create an aura of loss, yet, there’s pale hope etched across the songs on this record. It’s true that the words echo with melancholy, but the beats in “Another Room” hold a little brightness and while the resonant guitars in “Pictures” spin walls of sentiment, Walker’s voice is lifted from its previous lows to allow subtle moments of optimism to filter through.

Wider than the Sky is a record that will stay with you long after the closing chords of “Marazion” ring out. It’s an affecting listen and one that can appeal to fans of doom and “singer/songwriter” types alike. It’s a much sparser, stripped back affair compared to The Inside Room, but 40 Watt Sun lose none of their command. Instead, Patrick’s voice is pushed to the forefront and his scars are bared for all to hear and to experience. It’s a record that will speak to anyone who has suffered heartbreak and while you may finish the album in tears, it’s a necessary catharsis. Wider than the Sky is a beautiful presentation of honesty, dreams, sadness and passion, and 40 Watt Sun are a band to be engulfed by.

The vibe and atmosphere this creation provides is very solemn and thought provoking which instantly makes you feel a connection to the music as it effortlessly absorbs into your bloodstream. Despite the guitars being particularly restrained and unassuming they are still very vibrant and provide an expressive accompaniment to the melancholy vocal sentiments.

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