Bulldozer - The Exorcism, LP

• LP (fog white)
21,00 €
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Fog-white vinyl limited to 250 copies.

New edition with Japanese OBI strip mocking up the style of the Japanese pressing of "The day of wrath" on Far East Metal Syndicate. The extremely rare BULLDOZER demotape 1984 with the kult "Fallen angel" 7" added as a bonus. One of the most incredible finds in FOAD's hunting career: only 3 copies of this demo exist, one sent to Roadrunner, one to King Diamond, and one exhumed in 2013 in AC Wild's basement and delivered to us for the highest quality treatment. This is the recording that got Bulldozer signed with Roadrunner in 1984 and it sounds killer - different and rawer versions of the classics that ended up on their slasher debut "The Day of Wrath." Dark and demonic black/speed metal from the wildest guts of Italy's 80s metal inferno, for all those who worship the early releases of Venom, Bathory and Possessed; plus, the "Fallen angel" session adds that Motörhead touch that makes this record an instant masterpiece of rawness. See how AC Wild introduced these unreleased demo recordings: "This tape was sent to Roadrunner and Roadrunner put us under contract in 1984. It was also sent to King Diamond to ask if he would be interested in being the producer of our album, but he declined saying this stuff sounded 'too Punk'!!!" Comes with an insert with liner notes, rare photos and scans of the "Fallen angel" 7", including the previously unreleased alternate sleeve version.

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