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Costin Chioreanu - There is a Place Called Home, LP

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Vinyl pressing limited to 300 copies only. Gatefold cover and large booklet.

There is a Place Called Home is the name of the soundtrack made by Costin Chioreanu for his latest art exhibition concept, which went under the same name. The worldwide premiere of this exhibition took place at the Dark Bombastic Evening festival in Transylvania, in August 2016. The soundtrack consists of three complex instrumental songs running for about eight minutes each, and they follow somehow the previous works in the musical field created by Chioreanu through the unexpected patterns of dark avant-garde music. Influenced by the overall theme of the project, the music got extremely visual this time and resembles a surreal painting made with thrilling sounds and various sonic structures. This once, the artist included for the very first time in his career digital and analog synths and even some traditional Romanian flutes and combined with crooked guitars, all of which brought the whole thing into a new dimension.

Regarding this project, the artist comments, "There is A Place Called Home relates to my childhood spent in a very beautiful place - a place where I experienced the first magical moments, a place where I learned how to praise the nature and to live in the rhythm of it, a place where I discovered the first black metal records, a place where everything started for me in this life in terms of a spiritual level. I am not a person who lives in the past. I rather fight with myself to stay rooted in the present, so I would like to introduce this series of works as a collection of my strongest memories from my childhood. One of the reasons why I have decided to take this trip back in time, by using the skills I have at present, was the feeling of being lost in a world which is too much focused on anger and aggression, on materialism and primal senses. So I went back there, to take some energy from that fountain of sense in order to be able to step further once again. Thus, I would like to thank so much Svart Records for putting all this effort into bringing my best musical project to date in this world under a physical form and to Marius Costache, of course, for giving an extra dimension through his amazing mastering!"

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