Sakset - Salaisuuksien puutarha, LP

• LP
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If you build a pyramid using the combined album discographies of Veli-Matti Äijälä, Jussi Lehtisalo and Tomi Leppänen, you’d end up with a megastructure big enough to be visible from the moon.

But where to enter that pyramid? Do you need to cut a hole into the door? The secret passage is the new electronic album by Sakset (Scissors).

Salaisuuksien puutarha (”Garden of Secrets”, Ektro/Full Contact 2021) is musically soft and melodic. Lyrically it dives deep into grief and loss, but also transcends high through the cosmos. Produced under the experimental synth / accidental pop umbrella of Lehtisalo and Leppänen, the music on this album makes a perfect bed for Äijälä’s cryptic one-liner poetry. Cover art by Benjamin Marra.

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