Seitsemäs Maailma

Seitsemäs maailma - Seitsemäs maailma

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LP (yellow)

Svart Records set to re-release the debut and only album by the Finnish rock band Seitsemäs maailma.

Originally released in 1983 and produced by Pekka Aarnio (Agit-Prop), the album’s lyrics were mostly based on the poems of Leo Voss. The band was formed by the members of Se (Eeva Koivusalo – bass, P.A. Ulmanen – keys, Yari – guitar, vocals) with Liisa Tavi (vocals), Charlie (Lama) (guitar, vocals), Sidi Vainio (Briard) (drums) and Kari Hipponen (guitar).

The self titled album by Seitsemäs maailma will be released on April 28th. Available on a Svart exclusive yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies and black vinyl limited to 200 copies. Both versions include a 8-page insert.

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