The Life of Elsa Liimanainen

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The Life of Elsa Liimanainen is a modern horror story, a very old story about very angry teenage girl, not being accepted and thus frustrated, her life ending violently too soon and she is taking a lot of lives with her in her final battle against the world. Vilunki explains a bit of the background:

“A friend of mine told me that I’m the most teenage girl that she knows, that’s not a teenage girl at all, but a man. After some years, this teenage girl appears again, from inside me, making senseless battles against the world and my friends. So I started to search deeper inside me and I found her. She told me that her name is Elsa Liimanainen and she is old now, but her teenage rage still thrives through me. Her wartime experiences are not from actual wars, but her war against the world, it was real, and she died fighting it. This somehow made sense so I started to make music based on this vision. I put the TV on without the sound and started to play with the program. First thing was the Game of Thrones (not really working, too medieval) and the second one being the House of Cards, actually more scarier than TGOT. So I made teenage-girl-fighting-against- the-world-and-loosing battle music while watching House of cards and released it under the title GAME OF DRONES on cassette (Phallic Vatican 001).”

For obvious reasons the vinyl version is tad shorter than the cassette, but it’s all there, all the songs mixed together as the anger builds up, fuelled with alcohol and drugs and all the feelings are mixed up and the understanding goes down the drain with the rest. There’s 25 tracks on the album, 25th being the silent one, Breaking all the rules. 25 faces on the cover, 25 faces that you shouldn’t trust. I need that DVD.

VILUNKI 3000 : Synths, piano, guitar, effects, producing, mixing

MILLA MAGIA : Effects, vocals

TANGO-TIMO : Synth, piano

STILETTI-ANA: Mastering and editing