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BS/BF - Music composed and performed by Timo Kaukolampi in collaboration with Mira Kautto for a performance by the Finnish Center for New Dance, Zodiak

Featuring vocalization by Ringa Manner, Sara Gurevitsch, Anna Torkkel & Emmi Venna.

Limited vinyl pressing of 222 numbered copies. 

Music of BS/BF has echoes of early Brian Eno and Low era David Bowie. It has manipulated and textured vocals and low grain dub from early digital delay processors. Material draws influences from the 1970s Berlin school to minimalist masters like Éliane Radigue, yet it all sounds thrillingly new. Starkly beautiful instrumental pieces are layered with bassy depths and glittering peaks, with networks of mazy, centre-less electronic pathways.

BS/BF is a fantasy forest and an alternate reality in the form of a dance performance. It is made of dancing, hypnotic music and the color blue.

BS/BF is an environment where lights, sounds and dances with no clear place outside of the performance, blend into a mutually unraveling logic.

The initial inspiration for the work has been a photo book BLÅ SKOG/BLUE FOREST (self-published, 2009) by artist Morten Andersen. The book offers a rich imaginary environment, completely different and indifferent to the city surrounding the reader.

As a performance BS/BF is alike, both the book and the dance performance function as portals to something different and changing.

BS/BF is a continuation of the collaboration between Kautto, Timo Kaukolampi, Jenni Pystynen and Anna Torkkel, which began with Station to Station to Station (2019), also released on Svart Records.

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