Nightsatan - Carlotta Moore and Me (OST), LP

• LP
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Soundtrack by Nightsatan to the feature film Carlotta Moore and Me. Limited vinyl pressing of 100 copies on black vinyl.

Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom director CHRZU, a Night Visions household name and the rock star of contemporary Finnish short form auteur cinema, arrives to the festival to present the world premiere of his first feature Carlotta Moore and Me. A docufiction digging into the complex relationship of CHRZU and his titular American actress superstar, as well as an in-depth analysis of their joint artistic merits that have established the two in the Finnish filmmaking landscape, Carlotta Moore and Me is certainly unlike anything you’ve seen on the big screen this year – or this decade. The feature also reintroduces us to the delights of CHRZU’s Carlotta Moore short film trilogy (The ContractThe ConsequenceThe Congregation), integrated in the storytelling structure of the feature in its entirety.

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