High Tone Son Of A Bitch

High Tone Son Of A Bitch - Lifecycles

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2LP (red/black marble)

First time on vinyl!

Formed from the ashes of the psych/sludge band Cruevo, and preceding guitar player Paul Kott’s work in Matt Pike-fronted Bay Area metal "supergroup" Kalas, High Tone Son Of A Bitch is an innovative, psychedellic stoner/doom band that pulls together a number of influential musicians from bands like Noothgrush, KalasHammers of Misfortune, Men of PornMelvins, Hawkwind, Neurosis, High on Fire, Sleep, Witch MountainSavioursNecrot, The SkullWorshipper and more. 

This limited release is a vinyl version of the compilation that collects the group’s four EPs from 2003-2020 together.

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