Petrification - Sever Sacred Light

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LP (turq/blue/red/purple)
LP (transparent orange)

Petrification is about to unleash their cosmic curses upon mankind via Svart Records on February 9th

From the cold dank fog of Portland, Oregon USA re-emerges Petrification with their highly anticipated sophomore album nearly 5 years in the making titled “Sever Sacred Light”! Conjuring all the dark powers of DEATH, DOOM, PUNK and THE OCCULT, Petrification brings their most barbaric, heavy, and yet sophisticated release to date. This new full-length opus will be released on Svart Records 9th of February 2024.

“Sever Sacred Light” paints a mental landscape of a crumbling universe magnified through the hysterical mind of a deranged and rottenly eccentric undead enigma “Arach-Ned”.  “Sever Sacred Light” illustrates vast musical growth from the critically acclaimed 2017 demo “Summon Horrendous Destruction” and the 2018 full length debut of “Hollow of the Void”. They continue to advance and evolve while honoring the traditions and influence of ungodly masters of Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Coffins, and all the celebrated favorites of the early 90’s Finnish death metal scene such as Rippikoulu and Demigod. With Petrification’s top tier sonic depravity this album is promised to be looked back at as the measuring stick of what an old school death metal album of this era should be.

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