Damnation of Adam Blessing’s cult classic acid rock LPs reissued on Svart

“Take a technicolor daydream,
let your mind and soul unwind.
Walk a mile into a mirror, travel
sideways into time. You won’t forget
the things you saw there, or
the feelings that you’ve known.

Look into my little cookbook,
and you’ll never be alone. Yeah,
feed your mind, feed your mind.”

Svart Records are happy to inform you that the first two albums by Damnation of Adam Blessing, originally on United Artists in 1969 and 1970, will be reissued on vinyl this March.

Cleveland acid rock quintet Damnation, led by the enigmatic frontman Adam Blessing, debuted with their self-titled album in 1969, which contained the minor hit Cookbook. The album also resulted in a tour supporting the Faces, but Damnation’s brand of melodic but face-melting acid rock was too lysergic for nationwide success. They went on to do another album, Second Damnation, which spawned another regional hit, Back to the River, but success still evaded the band.

The Damnation reissues have been approved by the band’s original bass player Ray Benich, and they come with liner notes and all original artwork.