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Strange New Dawn - New Nights Of Euphoria

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LP (transparent orange/green)
LP (transparent green)

Strange New Dawn rises from Norway with ex-founding members of Green Carnation and In The Woods.


Founding members of In The Woods and Green Carnation return to their classic origins in Strange New Dawn. Heavy psychedelic and progressive Doom, Strange New Dawn from Kristiansand, Norway unveils epic new album New Nights of Euphoria set for release via Svart Records on 24th of November 2023. 

Strange New Dawn, born from the minds of visionary artists, from such legendary bands as Green Carnation and In The Woods takes you on a cosmic journey with their highly-anticipated album, New Nights of EuphoriaStrange New Dawn has redefined the sound of their past to create an ethereal, genre-blending experience that is bound to leave listeners in awe.


The band's inception traces back to the year 2000 when the idea took root in the mind of Xbotteri. However, it wasn't until 2012 that this idea blossomed into reality, with Xbotteri recruiting CM Botteri on bass (both founding members of Green Carnation and In The Woods), Sven Rothe on drums, and the powerhouse vocals of Geir Solli (formerly of Green Carnation). This star chamber of talents, culminated in the creation of New Nights of Euphoria, that pushes the boundaries of heavy Prog Metal, creating something entirely new with fascinatingly familiar origins.


Through the twists and turns of the creative process, some original members embarked on personal journeys of their own, making room for fresh talent. An old friend, Ex-Royal, took the helm as the vocalist, and Sven's brother, Muld, joined on keys and samples, adding a layer of depth and creativity that reinvigorated the band and helped make New Nights of Euphoria richer and more eclectic in form. The addition of Bjørn Harstad (known as lead guitarist from In The Woods and Green Carnation) as the lead guitarist in Strange New Dawn solidified the band's foundation.


With Xbotteri as the primary songwriter, Strange New Dawn's sound naturally carries the echoes of In The Woods, which will delight fans who have missed that definitive signature. However, New Nights of Euphoria also ventures into a diverse array of genres, with an unwavering focus on creating atmospheres that captivate the heart and soul.


The album's recording journey, spanning just under a year, was marked by trial and error, but the end result is nothing short of mesmerizing. To craft their harmonious resonance, Strange New Dawn chose to work on drums, guitars, bass, keys, and sample at Burnhill Studios which provided the ideal setting for their deep expedition into unknown musical landscapes, while Ex-Royal and Bjørn Harstad sculpted vocal and guitar magic at Endre Kirkesola's Dub Studio


"Fortune Bringer," a track inspired by the earlier works of In The Woods, was the final gem added to New Nights of Euphoria. With lyrics penned nearly two decades ago by Ex-Royal and Muld, the sprawling epic track delves into global issues that should resonate with everyone in the current age, giving Strange New Dawn an eager and fresh impetus.

Strange New Dawn's mission is clear: to provide listeners with an uplifting perspective on the world, coupled with a deeply euphoric journey through their musical landscape. The excitement felt by the bands emergence is shared equally between listener and creators:

"We are thrilled with the album and believe we've created something truly special," says Xbotteri. "Our collaboration has been exceptional, and this journey has been a source of inspiration and fulfilment for all of us."


Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Pink FloydCandlemassArcturus, and Thule, as well as sci-fi films, esoteric documentaries, and cosmic literature, Strange New Dawn has harnessed their collective creativity to craft a sonic odyssey that defies boundaries.


New Nights of Euphoria is a testament to the boundless creativity of Strange New Dawn, and as with their past work, it is destined to be a milestone in the world of heavy music. Look out for this Strange New Dawn rising! 

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